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Emerging storytellers to showcase work at London theatres

MUST ATTEND: JC will be performing

A NEW generation of talented emerging storytellers, part of the UK's only national storytelling development programme to transform the way stories are told, will showcase their spellbinding tales in London at Canada Water Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre this month.

Using the theme of ‘Otherness and Hospitality’, the TellYours 2018 storytellers will showcase their tales after completing an intense six month professional development programme run by Filotico Arts in collaboration with world-leading storyteller Daniel Morden, award-winning theatre director Jennifer Tang and arts producers Renaissance One and Counterpoint Arts.

Zahra Afsah, Lily Asch, JC, Jordan Campbell, Stephanie Josephs, Polis Loizou, Phil Okwedy, Laura Sampson and Ian Wong will be performing original works reflecting the language of myth and migration at a politically-charged time in the wake of the Windrush scandal.

PICTURED: Phil Okwedy and Stephanie Josephs

Former teacher Phil Okwedy said: "I have always thought that storytelling is how we understand ourselves over time, and ourselves in the world. Stories are also how we communicate with each other. In effect they are a conversation - one story begetting another - and I am excited by the possibility of mixing performance with this interactive element of storytelling."

Stephanie Josephs, who has a strong interest in the oral tradition, commented: "At the heart of the stories I tell is a question: What it means to be human. What it means to love, to sacrifice, to be part of something bigger and wonder at the world around us. Storytelling means the ability to create characters, themes and take in whole worlds in a shared moment. So people can expect a warm welcome at a night of entertaining stories from various cultures and traditions.

The showcase will take place at Canada Water Theatre on June 19 and Battersea Arts Centre - BAC on June 28, 2018.

Tickets are available to book here: and

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