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End the Silence play heads to the Omnibus Theatre

THEATRE PRODUCTION: End the Silence is the third and final part of the restoration trilogy

AGAPE THEATRE Company is returning to the Omnibus Theatre with End The Silence, to complete the restoration series trilogy.

The production details the story of six women who dare to speak out against the abuse carried out by workers at Rebuild UK, a charity operating in disaster relief and faith communities around the globe.

Rebuild UK is the cusp of receiving political and corporate recognition that will catapult them into one of the largest faith run charities in the world. But there is a storm brewing.

For many years the charity has preyed on and abused the vulnerable women it was meant to serve. Its survival has been predicated on the assurance of the silence of its victims.

But Connie Harrington has decided to speak out. And after her, Abi, Marianne, and Sophia follow. All of whom had kept silent for fear that speaking out would jeopardise their aid and threaten the lives of their loved ones and their communities.

End The Silence asks why the clergy would cover up the abuse of its children, follows the struggles of six women in their fight for justice and to have their voices heard. End The Silence examines the intoxication of power and its ability to corrupt all that are caught in its web.

You can see End The Silence at Omnibus Theatre
1 Northside
Clapham Common
Wednesday 15th – Sunday 26th August
Box Office: 020 7498 4699
Performances Mon-Sat 7:30PM and Sun 5PM
Tickets: £15 / £12 (conc.)
Ticket Link:

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