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England netballers strike gold

VICTORIOUS: England players celebrate their stunning win over Australia

ENGLAND’S NETBALLERS struck gold at the Commonwealth Games after a dramatic win against hosts Australia.

The Roses, having reached their first major final, claimed gold with a 52-51 victory against hosts Australia thanks to Helen Housby's last-second winner in the most epic netball match ever.

After their buzzer-beating performance, England captain Ama Agbeze said: “They gave us a tough game and we knew that they had been challenged throughout the whole competition.

“We knew that we had to step up to them and challenge them. They fought us well. We are grateful for the opportunity the Commonwealths have given us. We had a good contest today and we are happy we came out as the winners.

“I feel like I should be happier or crying. I think maybe tonight. Everybody want to just stay at home and look at their medals rather than going out.

“Hopefully it will sink in. We are going to go back to club competitions. The English girls have a game on Saturday. The Aussie girls start in about a week or two.

“I’m in New Zealand and we start in two or three weeks. We are just getting down from a high and coming back down to reality.

Of her team-mates she added: “People were brought on to do specific jobs but I feel that the team on the whole were doing a really good job.

“There were changes to give people a break and let them come back on with impact or to put an impact change on with fresh legs. The changes yesterday and today were key to us winning.”

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