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Enjoy Congolose cuisine at Congo Feast this Saturday!

TASTE THE CONGO: To_Liya has teamed up with Rhapsodiz to bring you great Congolese food and music for one night only

THE Democratic Republic of Congo, is one of the largest countries in Africa and home to the second largest Rainforest in the world. It’s rich in culture from all around the world including Arabic, Bantu, European and African. It also has some of the most exotic animals and plants. In recent years, a new species of monkey has been discovered in the rainforest. With all this brilliant heritage, the Democratic Republic of Congo has given the world “le sapology”, “Ntaba”, “Fally Ipupa”, “Kofi Olomede” and “Papa Wemba” and its most famous export, the “Ramble in the Jungle”. And in more recent days, Dr D Mukwege, the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

With all this in mind, To–Liya and Rhapsodiz want to celebrate the country's achievements by introducing London to the Democratic Republic of Congo's brilliant culinary varieties; its rich, its exotic, its fresh and its homegrown, passed down from generations to generations.

To_Liya has teamed up with Rhapsodiz to bring you great Congolese food and music for one night only. Come and enjoy these great dishes with friends and families and later hit the dance floor and dance to some of Congo’s best Afrobeats.


1. Soso Ya ko kalinga (Congo chicken fried stew)
2. Mikila tomate (Oxtail in thick tomato sauce)
3. Nguba (Calaloo stew w/ peanut)
4. Ngolo Ya kotumba (Catfish oven ), 5. Lamb / Mutton,plus 2 side choices

1, Mayebo (Congo mushroom in peanut sauce) VEG
2. Ndunda (Calaloo) VEGAN
3. Dongo Dongo (Okra stew) VEGAN
4. Madesu (Beans) VEG
5. Ngai Ngai (African veg stew) VEG, plus two side choices.

Makemba - Plantain Boil, Makemba - Plantain Fry, Kwanga - Casava Dumpling, Mikate - Congo Puff Puff, Loso Bilau - Congo Rice

Congo Feast takes place this Saturday from 8pm till late. Book you place now here

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