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Entrepreneur launches well-being business for skin and mind


WITH THE pound dropping, winter approaching and the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States, there’s a lot to be anxious about.

If ever there was a time to get your mind and body into that place of Zen, it’s now.

Introducing Esocare; a holistic brand created by Luna Afriyie, rooted in African wellness and offering products and services “with a focus of mind, body and soul for the modern day muse”.

Esocare is two-pronged, providing an organic skin care range and a health and wellness service.
“For me, I have learned that energy is everything and what we are on the outside is the imprint of our inside. It’s important to become more aware,” Afriyie told The Voice.

The businesswoman launched Esocare’s well-being service after a “life-changing” trip to her parents’ homeland of Ghana.

“I stayed in Ghana for a month and it was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. It was my rebirth. I was doing a lot of personal development work at the time, but it wasn’t until I took time out from the hustle and bustle and realised roots is everything.

She adds: “By understanding your roots, you can awaken and develop more.”

When she returned to the UK, Afriyie, who admits she was still “a bit wary of everyone and everything”, began monthly mentoring with life coach Paul Carson, who she credits with helping her life change “dramatically.”

“As time went on, I saw changes in my life dramatically and it all started with my mindset. I changed how I was with my peer group, I changed how I was with my family and began earning more at work too. Things just started to blossom and I decided that I wanted to share my own experiences and become a coach too!”

Afriyie took a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner course and also began attending life coaching classes.

“In terms of clients, at the most, I will see between five to seven in quarter periods,” she says of her growing business. “The coaching program is set up in such a way that you can see me over a period of time or just one session.

GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: Organic shea butter is one of the products in Afriyie’s Escocare range

“There are some people who want to focus on working on their limiting beliefs, or someone who is anxious about levelling up in life and as a result is experiencing restlessness and anxiety. Or it could be as simple as a new mother wanting to talk about healthy eating tips. It depends where the person is and what they want to achieve by working with me.”

Soon after launching the well-being side of her business Afriyie introduced the skincare range – an organic line including unrefined shea butter, African black soap and virgin coconut oil.

Afriyie only uses natural, plant-based and food-grade ingredients in her products, which are sourced from local cooperatives in Ghana.

“Being able to link my product back to something in Ghana makes a difference for me,” she says.

“Each product comes with an affirmation card, which reads ‘I chose to love in all that I do. I awaken, I renew.’ I believe that absorbing an affirmation with your daily beauty routine helps to recharge and reprogram your mind.

“Your skin is a living organ and sometimes we forget that. The affirmations link my products with my service.”

And for Afryie, though she’s a strong advocate for all of her products, which are also GMO-free and are created without parabens, animal testing or chemicals, her favourite from the range is the shea butter.

“It’s so versatile,” she enthuses. “I can use it on my hair for treatment, I can put it all over my feet with some socks before I go to bed for deep conditioning and people can cook with it too because it’s food grade. That’s not widely known in the UK, whereas a lot of people use it for that purpose in Africa.”

She adds: “All the products I offer are food grade. I just feel like, what’s the point of using products on your skin that you can’t put in your mouth? That’s why my products are good for babies too!”
Another group of Esocare fans she has recently discovered are men.

“I’ve had feedback telling me that they use the coconut oil for shaving and the shea butter for aftercare,” she says.

And for new and prospective customers, she has one final message.

“If you want changes in your skin, look at what changes you can make in terms of your skincare, what you’re putting in your body and what you’re fuelling your mind with.”

For more information, visit or follow @esocareuk on Twitter

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