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Eric Benét slams hip-hop artists


ERIC BENÉT took to Instagram to condemn artists for promoting negativity within the black community and inadvertently supporting white supremacy.

The Spend My Life With You soul singer posted a meme which critiqued murder, drug abuse, degrading black women and materialism.

According to the post, artists who rap about any of listings are “being used to help destroy your own people.”

Although the upload didn’t specifically address any rappers, opposing artists still took exception with its message.

Young Money rapper Jae Millz clapped back with a jab at Benét’s relationship with ex-wife, Halle Berry.

He said: “Eric Benét giving me rap advice is like me giving him advice on how he could’ve saved his marriage. And I’m not married. #payattentionitsfree”.

Artist Wale also shared his perspective and argued, “Hip-hop always had an affinity for material things.

“It’s apart of the very fabric (no pun) but does not define players IN said genre…but I’m 3xZ doe. He got a point but it’s not the only point (sic.)”

See the post below:

Inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.

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