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Errol McKellar wins ‘Hero Volunteer’ award

WINNER: Black men twice as likely to get prostate cancer

PROSTATE CANCER survivor and campaigner Errol McKellar has been hailed a ‘Hero Volunteer’ at this year’s NHS Heroes Awards.

At the event, which marked the 70th anniversary of the NHS, Mr McKellar said he was “absolutely honored” to have been presented with the award.

He told The Voice: “I want to say on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK - and my own charity, The Errol McKellar Foundation - we would all like to dedicate this honour to the people that have suffered from prostate cancer, all the people that have supported those suffering from it and the people who have unfortunately lost their lives.”

McKellar’s journey with prostate cancer started at the end of 2010 when he went to the doctors for his snoring. While he waited to be seen, he took a short blood test that took less than ten minutes.

He said: “Little did I know, those ten minutes changed my life,” and after a series of blood tests and a biopsy in the weeks to come, McKellar was told that his prostate was “covered in cancer.”

After his treatment and six months of recovery, McKellar was back out to work and soon began to offer customers at his Hackney garage a discount if they agree to be tested for prostate cancer.

He said: “1 in 8 European men will get the problem, 1 in 4 Afro Caribbean men will get the problem. 48 men walked into my garage and out of them, 28 of them were Afro Caribbean.”

“There are 47 thousand men diagnosed each year with prostate cancer, 11 thousand will die of it and for me those numbers are frightening,” he explained.

Eight years on, McKellar has been recognised for his tireless efforts to normalise the conversation amongst Afro Caribbean men.

He said: “Our people do not talk about it. There’s a level of ignorance, balanced with a macho attitude. Prostate cancer is a silent killer and if you do nothing about it, it will kill you.”

As he continues to create awareness of the disease, Errol has organised a charity football game on May 27. Teaming up with the mental health charity Mind, McKellar will take on Martin Ling’s London Legends, a team of the finest professional footballers from a number of London clubs.

He has thanked JM Money for sponsoring the event and their efforts to “support the cause.” He said: It’s going to be an amazing day, and I hope to see everyone there.”

Tickets for this highly anticipated event can be found here at:

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