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Erykah Badu & Jhene Aiko set to bring 'natural high' to O2

DREAM TEAM: Jhene Aiko and Erykah Badu

THERE IS a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Erykah Badu and Jhené Aiko show at the O2 Arena in London on June 9, as fans get prepared to witness something historical.

Organisers have told The Voice that they envisage that one of the world’s number one entertainment spaces will be sold out for the unique performance from two of soul’s more esoteric practitioners.

Brought to life by NeoLuv, the events promotions company responsible for Erykah’s 2017 UK performance, this highly anticipated iconic show is set to be the ultimate summer moment full of mesmerising vocals and sounds.

Speaking ahead of the event, a representative from the NeoLuv team said everyone, including the venue, was eagerly anticipating the dream duo taking fans on a natural melodic high.

“The team are very excited. This is our biggest project in terms of organising, and it’s the biggest indoor arena in London and a really positive moment for music fans.

“They don’t really have too many RnB nights – even the O2 team are excited. After 2017, we always knew we wanted to work with Erykah again, but we didn’t know when that was going to be.

“We knew we could get the venue, but while we were talking to other artists the opportunity to have a conversation with Erykah arose and then we had a chat with Jhené and we decided to combine the show.

“There might be a few more twists in terms of people gracing the stage on the night, but we’ll talk more about that closer to the time. It’s going to be a special night.”

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