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Event: African Health and Wellbeing Day

BRITAIN'S LEADING psychologists, therapists and wellbeing organisations convene at the inaugural African Health and Wellbeing Day in central London on July 13.

In a festival of educational talks, seminars and workshops speakers will present a variety of alternative approaches to the mental and physical health challenges faced by Britain’s African and African Caribbean community.

Each year, 288.7 out of every 100,000 black (African and African Caribbean) people are detained under the Mental Health Act compared to 180 for white people and 91.9 for Asian people. Organisers of the event, the Centre of Pan African Thought hope that a focused health and wellbeing day can become a space to share critical knowledge, best practice and ingenuity that lay the foundations for a healthier future in our community. In addition, it addresses the problem of improving access to lesser known organisations who have seen positive results with culturally specific approaches to mental and physical health.

The event forms part of the Centres continued mission to educate the public on the power of African centred therapies and therapists. A mission that director of the centre, Nigel Stewart believes is important. He said: “The challenge of reversing health disparities in the diaspora is one we have to meet head on.

"It’s incumbent upon us to look at alternative methodologies because Eurocentric approaches have proved limited at best. We are blessed to have practitioners within our community who are already pioneering in this regard. Creating a platform like this helps us to engage and connect service users to systems of support that in some cases can be life changing.”

The event, which takes place at the iconic Conway Hall in Holborn, also features presentations from the leading mental health activists and academics as well as exhibitors offering a variety of wellness products and services. There will also be a chance to book onto workshops about melanin, sexual health, nutrition and African spirituality to.

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