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Events company host rare Q&A with Spike Lee in London

ICONIC: Spike Lee

STANDING OVATIONS can be a rarity in cinemas, unless you’re celebrating the latest film that’s tipped for Oscar glory.

But the excitement and enthusiasm for the acclaimed director Spike Lee to speak to a London audience for the first time in almost 15 years was enough of a reason to get even the occasional fans of his work up on their feet and applauding.

This one off night was made possible by events company We Are Parable, as they continue their year long celebration of Spike Lee’s legacy, with their ground breaking film festival “Spike is 60”. For them, securing Lee at their events was a dream come true.

“We never imagined in a million years that we’d be welcoming the legend that is Spike Lee on stage to speak on an event that we have produced,” explained Anthony Andrews, co-founder of We Are Parable. “The best we were hoping for was a few likes on social media and maybe a shout out on Instagram. This has shattered all expectations of what we thought was possible with the festival moving forward.”

As Spike dazzled the crowd with his fervent wit and engaging stories accumulated over a decade spanning three decades, the We Are Parable team had nothing to do but sing his praises when it came to bestowing advice on young creatives.

“What really resonated with us was him reiterating the need and ability to work - hard,” says Teanne Andrews, We Are Parable Co-founder. “He mentioned some of the greats like Michael Jackson and Prince and what set them apart, which was the insane work ethic and determination they had to succeed.”

Despite only being up and running for four years, the We Are Parable team are in awe with their achievement of securing Lee for their event, but have no intention on slowing down or resting on their laurels.

“Seeing and hearing Spike in London in front of our friends, peers and audience was a watershed moment for us,” said Anthony.

“But, it was also massively motivating too; we have a big vision for the next few years for our business, and being able to say we did this has already opened doors for us to enable us to achieve the goals we’ve set.”

As they continue with the Spike is 60 festival, this events company continue to break new ground and develop experiences that provide lasting memories.

The next event will be a double bill screening of “Do The Right Thing/Crooklyn” on Saturday 12th August at Ritzy Brixton and will be accompanied by a block party in association with Black Cultural Archives and hosted by UK hip hop legend TY.

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