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Ex-police chief jailed for framing innocent black people

JAIL: Raimundo Atesiano (Screenshot: Miami Herald)

FORMER POLICE Chief of a city in Florida wills serve three years in prison for a conspiracy in his department to frame black men for crimes they did not commit, CBS News reports.

A federal judge in Miami imposed the sentence Tuesday on ex-police chief Raimundo Atesianol.

According to CBS News, three other former officers have also pleaded guilty in the case, with two sentenced to a year each in prison, while the third got just over two years.

Atesiano had encouraged his officers to pin unsolved burglaries on any African American with “somewhat of a record” in order to keep his record perfect.

As a result, one of the many black men falsely charged was a 16-year old boy as well as a Haitian man who was illegally jailed and ultimately deported.

However, Atesiano's lawyer says the victims were not randomly selected but were known to police as having criminal pasts. The judge allowed Atesiano to remain free for two weeks before surrendering so he can care for his mother, who is dying of leukemia, according to The Miami Herald.

Talking to the newspaper Atesiano said: "When I took the job, I was not prepared. "I made some very, very bad decisions."

Prosecutors say the crimes black people were falsely arrested for included burglaries and vehicle break-ins.

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