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Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn makes his case to 'Voice' readers

POPULAR: Jeremy Corbyn, right, poses for a selfie with a supporter

THE LEADERS of Britain's three main political parties have made a direct appeal to black voters outlining the case why they are the best candidate to lead the country.

Writing exclusively for The Voice, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron have outlined how they plan to tackle some of the key issues facing black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities.

Among these are high black youth unemployment, the disproportionate use if of stop and search by police offers and discrimination in the workplace.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader, writes to readers:

The next Labour government will call time on the prejudice that plagues our society once and for all and deliver real equality of opportunity.

If you’re black or from an ethnic minority in Britain, you are more likely to be long-term unemployed or mistreated by the criminal justice system, and less likely to be represented in public life. In 21st century Britain, that just isn’t good enough.

Theresa May and the Conservatives have spent seven years holding our communities back. Their cuts have disproportionately hit services that BAME people depend on. Their low-pay economy has upped BAME long-term unemployment by over half.

RALLYING ROUND: Jeremy Corbyn speaking with voters on Saturday

Despite warm words on tackling racism at the top, the Tories have failed to keep even their own house in order: just 17 of their MPs elected in 2015 were from minority backgrounds.

Labour will make a profound difference to people’s lives across Britain.

Our £10 an hour minimum wage will end the scourge of poverty pay. Our charter for new rights at work, including the end of zero-hour contracts and unpaid internships, will tackle exploitation, giving more people the chance to get on.

Our plans for energy and rail will bring down living costs for millions of families. We will build a million new homes, half council-owned and half genuinely affordable, as well as capping rents and bringing in new standards to end squalid conditions in rented accommodation. These plans will see no tax rises for 95 per cent of people; they will be funded by ending Conservative tax cuts for corporations and the richest.

Too many young BAME people find themselves held back in education. Labour will make sure that high-quality education isn’t just for a privileged few. We will give all primary school children free school meals, bring down class sizes and provide funding to fix schools. Restoring the Education Maintenance Allowance, student grants and free university tuition will free up young people to carry on achieving. Labour believes that no matter what your background, you should be able to realise your potential.

We will give your local council the support it needs to run strong local services and support the arts with a culture fund.

We will support local businesses that form the bedrock of our society by declaring war on late payments and keeping lower tax rates for smaller businesses.

And Labour believes that no-one should put up with discrimination and abuse. We will not stand by and tolerate the recent surge in hate crime – notably not only in Muslim and Jewish communities. We will create a new scheme to address the under-representation of African-Caribbean people in politics, launch an inquiry into recruitment discrimination, and consider new laws if BAME workers continue to be undermined in the labour market.

Theresa May’s Conservatives have rigged our economy by handing our wealth and public assets to their super-rich friends. They have viciously scapegoated migrant and minority communities for the mess their party has created. We don’t have to let them divide us.

This June, let’s choose a different kind of society. A society where everybody – regardless of race, faith and ethnicity – is able to get on in life, have security at work and at home, be paid a decent amount, and live with dignity.

A Britain that works for the many, not the few.

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