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Fake ID’s by teenagers is a big threat for the state

FAKE ID is a counterfeit document that is used to avail benefits and services that are not provided unless a person reaches the legal age or isn’t the native of that country.

It is no wonder that the use of fake ID’s by teenagers has rampantly grown across the globe and poses a major threat. There are many reasons why teenagers are using fake ID documents these days.

How do teenagers get a fake ID?

Earlier, some companies would operate in the black markets and provide such documents. Now some websites are dedicated to providing fake documents to people online. These websites are not registered and provide highly confidential services to their clients. One fake document might cost as high as $300 whereas the more the number of documents, the lesser will be the price charged per fake ID.

Why do teenagers use a fake ID?
Teenage vanity is something that compels both young men and women to do things that they are not supposed to do. There are several reasons why teenagers use a fake ID. Some of them are:

1. Buy alcohol and cigarettes

This is the first most concrete reason for using fake documents. To smoke and drink, a person has to be 21 years of age. This age is legal across the US. Teenagers use fake documents to buy booze and smoke cigarettes with their friends. Alcohol is regarded as the life of the party by many, which is why people always have it around.

2. Buying marijuana and sedatives

Marijuana has been declared legal across many American states, and since then its legalization has become the center of attention for many people. Smoking weed has rampantly grown, which is why young people use fake documents to buy this drug from pharmacies where it is sold. Ever heard of Coastline Kratom? Some users say that it relieves them from chronic pain like marijuana and thus intend to buy it.

3. Drive around the city with no license

To drive a person has to be minimum of 21 years old. Being caught without a driving license can get one in big-time trouble. Young people can easily navigate driving in the city with a fake document in their pocket. Fake driving licenses are also used by people who come to visit from other countries.

4. Go to the bars and nightclubs

There are very few bars and nightclubs that allow people of 18 years to enter. Most nightclubs have the legal age of 21 across the US. Entering the nightclubs is very difficult with tough security at the door. Apart from a fake ID, a person also needs a membership card to enter such places.

Is it worth taking the risk?

Getting caught with a fake document in the first offense leads to a fine of $1000 and a sentence of 1 year in jail. Along with that, this issue will be printed on a person's profile which can cause multiple problems such as being denied loans, not getting good jobs, failing to get admission in the college, etc. therefore it's not worth taking the risk.

There has been an increase in the sales of marijuana and many other things as a result of teenagers using fake documents. The responsibility is on the state to tackle it, but it has become very difficult to do it. If the youth of the country get spoilt, the state will suffer in the future.

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