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A family mourns

GRIEVING: Mark Duggan’s family say his death will be difficult to get over

FAMILY MEMBERS of Mark Duggan who was shot dead by police have told The Voice that the ‘pain is indescribable.’

Brother Shaun Hall said the people who wreaked havoc on the streets of north London were not acting ‘in the name of’ his brother Mark Duggan, who was shot by the police on Thursday.’

Both of Mark’s parents were too distraught to talk to The Voice but a family member said: “We don’t condone what’s happening in the community but the family are very angry.


“We would appreciate that we are left to grieve in private at this time. We appreciate the support of the community.”

Family, friends and local residents are providing moral support to the family.

Outside the Duggan family home, close to the infamous Broadwater Farm Estate, messages with flowers read: “…Uncle Markie. Can't believe I'm writing this. Heaven's new angel. Never forgotten. Love you, Sara.”

Hall, despite his grief, condemned the subsequent riots when he said: “It seems to be the press who are generally saying that it is linked to my brother. OK, some questions were supposed to have been answered. They weren't answered, therefore there was a domino effect from that. We don't condone that at all. I know people are frustrated, they're angry out there at the moment, but I would say please try and hold it down.”

Hall added “Please don't make this about my brother's life. He was a good man. There are no words to describe what the family are feeling inside.”

DEVOTED DAD: Duggan with one of his four children

Semone Wilson, 29, who currently studies at Middlesex University is heartbroken by the death of her childhood sweetheart, whom she has three children for.

The pair had been together from the age of 18 and recently had a baby daughter.

She has not yet told her children that their father is dead. “How do I explain to them that their daddy is gone?” she says. They also have two sons aged ten and seven.

“Mark was a good dad, He loved his kids dearly. He idolised them.”

Community leaders warned Tottenham police immediately before Saturday's rioting that a peaceful protest over the fatal shooting by officers of a local man could get out of control.


The riots became widespread with groups of people, predominately youths, looting businesses, shops and cars.
Police have condemned the wave of copycat criminal activity" across London.

A local resident from Tottenham, who asked not to be named, told The Voice: “The youth in this area have gone crazy because we’re fed up of the police harassment. I have been issued more than twenty tickets in a day by the police for something I haven’t done. We are not burning the shops of the people that we’re cool with but we are doing damage to the shops that were not, until there’s justice. So many youths around here are angry with how the police treated us and what they have done to Mark.”

He continued “All our enemies who live in different areas have all come together for this and we won’t stop until things change. It only takes one text and everyone meets in the same location.”

Kaisha Howard, 32, who lives near the Duggan’s family told The Voice: “What has happened is sad, but what’s even sadder is that the youth aren’t thinking and many who are involved in the protest are not doing it for the right reasons, they are in it for their own gain and they’re just having fun. My heart goes out to Mark’s family.

People they need to grieve! My prayers and thoughts are with you all.”

She added “I'm so sad for all the negative attention and would like to encourage people to protest peacefully and have some respect.”

Another resident who also did not want to be named said: “The police just stood there. I’m not criticizing the police but I don’t know how it was allowed to spread so far up the road.”

A shop owner whose premises was untouched said: “There’s no excuse for the total disregard of innocent people’s property and businesses.

“If the people have a problem they should take it up with the police without involving innocent members of the public.”

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