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Fans accuse Disney of lightening Princess Tiana's skin

CHANGED: Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (Photo credit: Disney)

DISNEY HAVE been accused of lightening the skintone of fictional Disney Princess Tiana in their latest film Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Social media users have claimed the studio have lightened the skin of Disney's only black princess, in an attempt to make her more ‘eurocentric’.

In the new image from Ralph Breaks The Internet - the sequel from the popular Wreck It Ralph, it initially received praise for including iconic Disney princesses such as Moana, Frozen's Elsa, Little Mermaid's Ariel, Snow White plus more.

Despite the relaxed nature of the image, many have noticed Tiana's kinky hair texture featured in the original film has changed alongside her skin tone.

One Twitter user said: "In today’s edition of “you tried it,” Disney decided to reinforce colorism by lightening Princess Tiana’s skin in #RalphBreaksTheInternet. Tiana was a dark skin Black woman in Princess and the Frog, now she has light skin and Eurocentric features. What happened to her wide nose?"

Another said: "Y’all don’t understand how important Princess Tiana is to Black girls. We finally had a Disney princess that looked like us, and now, she doesn’t. They gave her Eurocentric features and turned her into a racially ambiguous woman. It’s a no from me, dawg."

Disney will soon have another black Disney princess on their roster, as they announced a new film based on an African princess from Nigeria.

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