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Fans using mobile phones kicked out of Kevin Hart show

NO JOKE: Kevin Hart is serious about having no mobile phones used during his gigs

FANS OF US comedian Kevin Hart have been kicked out of his UK shows for using their mobile phones, according to reports.

Hart has imposed a mobile phone ban at his gigs and hired so called “cell phone security” who work to ensure that ticketholders adhere to the mobile phone policy.

The superstar has been criticised for the “zero tolerance” mobile phone ban.

Hart is not the only performer to introduce such a ban at his shows.

Jack White and Chris Rock have also subjected gig-goers to similar rules at their shows.

Where other stars have imposed the bans alongside technology which enables fans to use their phones in designated areas or exit the no phone area and have the pouch encasing their phone unlocked, Hart’s shows included no such facilities.

Fans took to social media to complain about being removed from the show because they were seen using their phones.

One Twitter user said: “Kicked out of MEN arena as my phone lit up as I was taking it out of my pocket because of an unread text message? Drive one hour and booked tickets in Feb [sic]. It was 8.30pm and you were not even on stage. Very disappointing, ruined our date night we so rarely get.”

Another Emily Jane, said: “Funny watching this video taken on a phone...we got kicked out before Kevin even came on the stage for putting my phone into my bag from my pocket. Apparently MEN crew briefly spotted a light and ejected me.”

Despite the frustrations aired, some fans found the experience improved by the lack of mobile phones.

One said: “Kevin Hart banned mobile phones etc from the performance, and it actually makes the experience much better, more acts should do that.”

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