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Fighting crime through fitness


AS LONDON continues to experience a spike in violent crime, there are numerous organisations, charities and community members doing what they can in an attempt to curb youth violence in the capital.

One of those people is Obed Adofo, founder of confusethebody and Fitness to the Streets.

A few years ago, a friend of Adofo's passed away which made him realise life is short and you only get one chance.

PICTURED: Obed Adofo with Cllr Tonia Ashikodi, Labour Councillor for Glydon Ward in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

He started Fitness to the Streets to empower young people in his local community as well as to help those with mental health issues.

"I use fitness to strengthen the young people physically and mentally, as a fitness motivator, fitness coach and a nutritional expert from south east London," he says.

"Fitness to the Streets is the perfect opportunity for individuals to come and participate in free fitness activities as well as socialising with others in the community."

With the current trend of knife and gun crime rising amongst the youth, it has become a goal of his to dedicate time to try and reach out and give back to the local community.

"We need good role models for our youth," he adds. "By introducing this concept, my goal is to channel that valuable youth energy to something positive - after all a healthy body and mind go a long way."

This way, Adofo believes we can create an interest in developing the self and building good positive confidence. "We are a team and have individuals who were involved in the past in crime and have now turned their lives around. They have valuable experience - what it was like and why they decided to come out of that dark past," says Adofo.

"We channel all that to educate the youth. Encourage them to concentrate on meaningful and positive purpose regarding their lives. Crime does not pay and it's important to build a good legacy for your future generation. Give them something to look forward to."

Charity begins at home and we have to start somewhere.

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