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Final Grenfell funeral as tower hero laid to rest

GRENFELL FUNERAL: Raymond Bernard, who offered his neighbours shelter from the blaze, was buried today

THE FINAL funeral of a Grenfell Tower blaze victim has taken place today.

Family and friends of Raymond Bernard came together earlier today to remember the man that offered refuge to his neighbours in his top floor flat as they fled to escape the flames.

It is understood that Bernard, the 56th person to be found in the building, is the last victim of the fire to be buried.

His funeral comes 14 months after the tragedy took place.

Prior to the start of the funeral, mourners held a 72-second silence as a tribute to each of the people that died as a result of the fire.

PICTURED: Raymond Bernard

Following that, they took to the streets for a silent march, many wearing green, the colour that has been worn as a mark or respect for Grenfell victims.

Bernadette, Bernard’s sister, told the inquiry into the tower fire in June that her brother was nicknamed Moses, a moniker she said was apt and given to him because he was loved by his community.

Bernard’s sister told the inquiry: “He did not deserve to die in that way. Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. I will never forget, I will never forgive.”

Six people were found in the 63-year-old’s flat on the 24th floor.

"We know from the coroner that Ray would have been the last in that room to die.
"But we do know he was looking after everybody."
"He will always be a hero, and I hope now he can rest in peace,” the BBC reported Bernadette said.

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