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Find the perfect brown for the season and your skin tone

HUNDREDS OF SHADES: There is a wide variety of brown shades available so you can stock your makeup collection with everything you need to look great whatever your skin tone

FINDING THE perfect brown for your skin tone can sometimes be tricky and is usually a case of trial and error. Life & Style have taken the stress away to bring you our favourite mocha choco browns to keep you on trend this season!

There are hundreds of shades to choose from when it comes to lipsticks, making it even more difficult to decide.

In most cases lipstick samples look completely different in pictures than they do when applied on to the lips. This is why it is important to swatch, or to try on before you buy. Here are a few that have been tried and tested.
2. Charlotte Tilbury – Matte Revolution Birkin Brown (£24)
3. NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream, Dubai (£6)

Lip liners
Lip liners are a staple piece in every girl’s makeup bag. Lipstick without liner is a no-go. In order to get the perfect lip it is necessary to use a liner that complements the lipstick. By adding a liner, it completes the overall look and ensures a sleek finish.

In some cases, you can not only line the lip, but fill in the whole lip and apply the lipstick on top for staying power or to customise the colour. Try these out to complete your finished look.
4. NYX – Cocoa Chocolate Brown (£3.50)
5. MAC – Chestnut Lip Pencil (£14)
6. Sleek – Just Say Nothing (£4.99)

Nail polish
There are so many different nail polishes to choose from and a vast array of brown tones. When it comes to polish, it’s far easier to get away with this look, as there are so many similar shades available from many different brands. You can either go for a natural mocha colour for a subtle look or something darker to enhance your skin tone. Take a look at our favourite picks:
7. OPI – Squeaker Of The House (£12.95)
8. Chanel – Particulière (£22)
9. NARS – Delos (£15)

Eyeshadow palettes
To create a deep autumnal look using eyeshadow, go for a selection of browns, golds and bronzes. With these colours you can create a smokey ombré look, going as subtle or defined as you like depending on the occasion. Here are a few palettes for that natural, warm, glowing look:
10. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam Palette (£43)
11. Colourpop x Shayla – Perception Palette ($32/£24.60))
12. Morphe Brushes – 25B Palette (£19)

Oh, the nightmares we’ve had trying to conceal our underwear beneath that slightly seethrough white blouse! I know I’m not alone on that one. For years, a black bra or knickers were our best options. However, thanks to a number of high street stores, its now possible to get underwear to match our skin tone. Instead of that unsightly black strap ruining a pretty outfit, we now have underwear that matches. It is not only in the underwear department as we have seen companies branch out into shoes and hosiery.
13. Marks & Spencer – bra (£20)
14. Marks & Spencer – shoes (£19.50) Nubian Skin – Hold-Ups (from £8.50)

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