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Find your purpose for fulfilment

DEEP IN THOUGHT: Reflecting on what you want to achieve will help you to understand your purpose

WHAT IS the meaning of life? Why do we go on living while others die without the world even noticing? Why do we suffer while others live vivacious lives? Why do we even care? What is our purpose in life? How do we find it? Why is it even important?

Discovering your purpose in life is one of the most important things you can achieve in this short life you own.

It is perhaps the one great thing that all humans attempt to answer. A purpose-filled life is one that leads to happiness, contentment and success.

Finding a purpose in life is an overarching part of our existence.

Searching for ways on how to discover your purpose in life and how to achieve your goals are just two roads leading to the same thing: fulfilment.

Discovering your purpose by accident
Some people search for meaning in their lives and never find it, while some people find it by accident.

In 1812, a young boy named Louis was playing with tools in his father's workshop when an accident happened.

The awl he was using to patch a hole through a piece of leather struck his eye.

The boy was blinded as the infection spread from one eye to the other. That boy was named Louis Braille, and that accident led to his disability, which led him to create the Braille System of reading for the blind.

Ironically, Braille created the raised dots in his system using an awl, the same tool that blinded him as a child.

Discovering your purpose through other people
Some people meet accidents, while others meet people.

In 1675, a theosophist by the name of Henry More met a man named Isaac. The man talked to Isaac about alchemy.

This meeting prompted Isaac to revive his interest in the subject. Isaac was interested in the occult idea of action from a distance, then an alchemical belief.

He postulated that invisible forces worked behind the movement of everything in the universe.

Twelve years later, Isaac Newton published Principia, containing his three laws of motion and his law on universal gravity.

Discovering your purpose through reflection
Some people find purpose in their lives by accident, others through chance meetings, while still, some forces en- lightenment upon themselves through sheer force of will.

Mahatma Gandhi was one such person who dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth.

His life consisted of experimenting on himself and learning through his mistakes.

Throughout his life, Gandhi would search for truth and purpose.

He would champion the cause of the civil rights movement in India and give birth to a new political movement, that of non-violence.

Gandhi was a person who found his purpose in life through deep reflection and introspection.

He was a deep believer in the Hindu principles of mauna and shanti, translated in English as silence and peace.

Through deep reflection, Gandhi, left, started a movement that would help overturn British rule India later on.

To live a life of meaning, a purpose-filled life must be achieved.

Finding your purpose in life can take many forms and can be achieved by different means. The road taken is not so much as important as the purpose found.

Discovering your purpose in life will give you a life truly worth living, a life with no regrets, a life that you can truly call your own and say: “I have lived, and lived well."

Discovering your purpose will result in you living an amazing and fulfilling life. Greatness and success is within your grasp, when you take control of your destiny.

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