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Fiona Onasanya protests her innocence in new video

PICTURED: Fiona Onasanya

FIONA ONASANYA MP has released a video, pleading for voters to not remove her from the House of Commons.

The video clip comes after the 35-year-old was charged with perverting the court of justice and was sentenced to spend three months in prison, where she erved four weeks of her jail sentence.

Despite the sentence, Onasanya has continuously stated that she is innocent, and is calling for voters to maintain her seat as MP for Peterborough.

A petition to force a by-election will open on Tuesday (Mar 19), in which local voters will be asked whether Fiona Onasanya should lose her seat. A by-election will then be triggered in her Peterborough seat if more than 10% of voters in the constituency sign the recall petition.

However, if less than around 7,000 voters sign the petition, she will keep her job as an MP and £77,379 salary.

Even if the recall petition is successful, Onasanya will still have the opportunity to contest the resulting by-election.

In a bid to share her side of the story, Onasanya said in the video that she wish to be voters' "voice of change in the corridors of power" had been "somewhat overshadowed" by her conviction.

"Throughout the last few months, you would have seen news articles, television articles, and also read on social media about my case.

"And, all of this time, I have not been able to share my side. But, just like a coin has two sides, so does a story.

"And this is my time now to share with you, without media spin, what my side of the story is.

"From the outset, I have maintained my innocence. I have not perverted the course of justice.

"I have not colluded with my brother. My defence was never put across in the media.

"At all times, they always put forward the prosecution's case."

While she didn’t provide further details on her case, Onasanya vowed to "continue to pursue avenues to clear my name", adding: "If you wish for me to continue as your independent MP, I am willing and able to do so, but the choice is now in your hands."

Watch the video below:

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