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Five films for a Friday the 13th-themed fright night

HIT HORROR: Get Out is a pretty perfect choice for a Friday the 13th themed fright night (Image: Universal)

TODAY IS Friday the 13th. The day is traditionally seen as spooky and unlucky by many. Whether you’re spending the day trying to avoid black cats, ladders and mirrors or view the date as wholly inconsequential, here are five films to watch for a themed fright night.

Gorey thriller with a political edge: The First Purge
For a scare in the cinema, head to your local multiplex or independent theatre to watch The First Purge. It’s a timely choice with Trump’s visit – the film is full of references to his presidency and the current political climate – but it will also satisfy horror fans with the promise of a unique premise, plenty of tension and a fair amount of gore. And if you want to watch a horror where the black characters don’t only make it beyond the opening credits but make up the majority of the cast – rare, we know – The First Purge is a great pick.

Want more details before you commit? Read our thoughts on the film here.

Slasher horror: Friday the 13th
Of course it makes complete sense to watch this horror on the day it’s named after. The Friday the 13th franchise will leave you spoilt for choice – it’s comprised of 12 films to date. Go old school with the original 1980 release. If you want to make a big deal out of it, some cinemas are showing the film tonight especially. Catch it at Roof East Cinema Club in Stratford or stream from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

Trailblazer: Get Out
Jordan Peele’s Get Out is a pretty perfect choice if you want to be spooked, shout at the screen and finish the film standing in pure admiration. This Oscar-award winning film was an instant classic. If you haven’t seen it yet, why not make tonight the night? Daniel Kaluuya stars – and he shines throughout. Peele’s debut is low on gore, high on expert tension-building and originality.

Cult classic: Scream
A seminal slasher movie,Scream is responsible for sparking a wave of scary movie spoofs and inspiring a sub-genre – and plenty of half-baked Halloween costumes. You won’t be able to watch this Wes Craven creation without picking up on the tools his franchise made vogue. Go back to the beginning with the first film, untainted by the clichés of the latter releases.

Ideal for the easily scared: Attack the Block
This British sci-fi comedy horror brought John Boyega to the big screen. A group of friends from South London fight back to protect their neighbourhood and each other when aliens attack. Settle down to watch it (or rewatch it) tonight if you’re in the mood for a film with a little fright and a lot of laughs.

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