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Football rallies around Raheem as Chelsea fan identified

ABUSE: A Chelsea fan who allegedly shouted racial abuse at Raheem Sterling has been identified

A MAN who allegedly shouted racist abuse at Raheem Sterling has been identified by Chelsea, it has been reported.

The man’s identity has been uncovered by the club, which used TV footage of the game and CCTV to find out who he was.

In a clip from the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge, a Chelsea supporter appears to be calling the 24-year-old Manchester City player a “f*****g black c***”.

The man’s details have been passed on to the police.

The Met is not understood to have made any arrests yet or spoken to the man who has been identified by the club.

Former and current footballers and various figures and organisations within the sport have rallied around Sterling after the incident was publicised.

In a statement, the Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA) has said it stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Sterling in the wake of the incident that has shocked the footballing world.

It said: “The PFA condemn, in the strongest terms, the increase in racial abuse our members have been receiving from the terraces. We encourage all clubs to take the strongest possible action for fans found guilty of racially abusing players.

“Over the past two weeks, we have seen two alleged high-profile racist incidents happen from the stands at Premier League games. We stress to all clubs the importance of dealing with these incidents robustly. It is not acceptable for our members to find themselves subject to racist abuse, simply for showing up to work and performing for their team.

“This weekend, following the video footage appearing to show a fan shouting racist abuse at Raheem Sterling, we have been in close contact with his agent, and extend our full support to Raheem.

“We commend Raheem for his professionalism during the incident and the statement he made via Instagram on Sunday. We stand with him in calling for the press to consider the coverage of all footballers carefully, and to end their imbalanced coverage aimed at young, black players.”

Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster said: “Another day another racist incident. Embarrassing for it be happening twice in two weeks in England. Just when you thought things had changed for the better... #LetsKickRacismOutOfFootball”

Patrice Evra said: “I saw what happened with Sterling yesterday....How does this happen still in 2018?! It doesn't matter what colour your skin is or your religion or what country you are from we need to be kind to each other. Love is so much more powerful than hate.”

In a statement, Lord Herman Ouseley, the chair and founder of Kick It Out, said: “What happened at Chelsea shows what is still going on in football.”

Ouseley called for a response from Chelsea’s leadership.

He added: “Where is Richard Scudamore, where is Greg Clarke, where is Chelsea’s chairman – they should have been talking out last night and it has to [be] dealt with at the top.

“We do not have any leadership at the top of the game to speak out, they rely on Kick It Out.”

Ian Wright tweeted a screengrab from the clip with the caption: "The bad old days are back! Chelsea you have been shamed by this disgusting racist fan! Absolutely no doubt about what he says."

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