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Former beauty pageant winner appointed as CEO

NEW ROLE: Shirley Dee

SHIRLEY DEE has been appointed CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for the Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth UK title.

Clayton Goodwin, who founded the contest in 1980 and ran it annually until having to suspend promotion of it due to health problems, commented: “It is the obvious move. Shirley, who is a former winner of the title, is an experienced presenter and accomplished media blogger.

"She has kept the promotion going and in the public eye while my attention has had to be elsewhere. With Shirley’s enthusiasm, energy and expertise added to my experience Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth’s best days may well lay ahead”.

Ghana-born Shirley said: “It was a great honour to have held the title and an even greater privilege to be trusted with its present and future direction. Clayton will still be on hand as consultant, so the unique traditions that have marked this title will be upheld and new features added”.

Clayton added: “We have quite a lot more news about Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth, so please look out for some more announcements in the very near future”.

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