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Former Ghana FA boss denies receiving 'cash gift'

PICTURED: Kwesi Nyantakyi

FORMER GHANA Football Association (GFA) head Kwesi Nyantakyi has claimed a video of him allegedly taking cash gifts is "lies."

In the video, Mr Nyantakyi was seen taking $65,000 (£48,000) from an undercover reporter.

But he says the footage was doctored, dismissing it as "shoddy work with cut and paste". According to BBC Sport, he also says that audio snippets have been "inserted" and rearranged so as to falsely incriminate him.

BBC Africa Eye had exclusive access to dozens of hours of footage filmed by controversial journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas for its latest film. In total, more than 100 football officials and administrators were shown accepting cash gifts in the investigative documentary that has left many in shock.

Among them captured include Kenyan referee Adel Range Marwa, who was due to officiate at the World Cup in Russia, before he was filmed receiving a $600 "gift" in a separate sting.

All of the members of the association who were caught on tape accepting cash gifts are already under investigation by the police, as it is against the rules of Fifa to accept any cash gifts.

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