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Four things you need to know about condoms

PROTECTION: Condoms are key in tackling rising STI rates

THE CONVERSATION around sexual health, specifically condoms, seems to always be met with awkward silences and pauses. Unfortunately, sexual health within some communities is still very much a taboo topic that doesn’t get discussed often.

But it’s time to do away with the awkward silences and have an open and honest conversation about how condoms can help you maintain a healthy sex life. And, as Terrence Higgins Trust is offering free condom packs via the It Starts With Me website, there’s no better time to get educated on condoms!

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to be a huge problem within the black and minority ethnic (BME) community. As according to Public Health England, the BME community is one of the groups with the highest rates of new STI diagnoses.

Condoms are key in tackling rising STI rates. Despite this, a study published last month on attitudes towards condoms found that one in five people surveyed across the UK said they don’t use condoms because they are uncomfortable, with 16% reporting reduced sensation or pleasure. But condoms remain the best way to stop STIs, including HIV.

If you experience discomfort when using condoms then try taking the condom fitter quiz on the It Starts With Me website. The quiz not only recommends the condoms that best suits you, but it also gives you the chance to get your hands on a free condom pack that contains four different sized and textured condoms, as well as lube.

There are so many inaccurate myths out there about condoms, and the only way they can be debunked is by making sure that we are all clued up on all things condom-related.

Here are four really important things you need to know about condoms:

1. They only work if you use them correctly

When used correctly each time you have sex, condoms are the best protection against STIs and HIV when having vaginal, anal or oral sex. The important thing is to use condoms correctly and consistently.

2. Your choice of condom makes a huge difference

Using the right condom can not only heightening your experience with your partner, but it can also make the whole process a lot more comfortable and satisfying. If you’re experiencing discomfort when using condoms this could be an indication that you’re not using the right condoms for you.

3. There are a variety of options

The right condom is out there for everyone, it’s not one size fits all. There are flavoured latex-free ones, ribbed ones, thicker ones and thinner ones - there are condoms which will not only fit, but increase sensations and enhance pleasure for both you and your partner(s).

4. Don’t use oil based lubes or lotions

Using condoms with lube reduces the likelihood of it breaking or coming off. However, you should be using water-based or silicon-based lubes as they don’t affect the strength of the condom. Oil-based lubes and lotions quickly weaken condoms, making them more likely to break.

Find out about all things condom-related and where to test locally by visiting the It Starts With Me website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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