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The FT lauds tech/recruitment entrepreneur Paris Petgrave

RECOGNITION: Paris Petgrave, CEO of We Love Work

WITH THE publication of week's EMpower Top 100, 'The Voice' congratulated ethnic minority leaders who made it onto the Financial Times' list.

One such leader was Paris Petgrave, entrepreneur and co-founder of tech-forward, values-based recruitment company We Love Work. Petgrave was ranked at number 58 on the list.

The London-based leader has been sharpening her tech toolbox in America, joining various Silicon Valley and other groups as she prepares to share new skills with her colleagues at We Love Work. In good company, Petgrave joins Jonathan Mildenhall of Airbnb, Tunji Akintokun, Director at Cisco and Carnival Cooperation CEO Arnold Donald.

Petgrave says:

“I was really happy to be featured on the list as a female in tech and I’m excited to continue to use my many years of industry experience to help make the world of work and the way we hire more inclusive.

"It’s important that entrepreneurs and senior executives particularly in technology companies are represented in the media and can act as role models to champion diversity initiatives. I am honoured to be listed with such amazing leaders."

We Love Work co-founder is occupational psychologist Becca Brighty, who joins Petgrave in developing the business' strategy. We Love Work is a platform that measures desk culture and culture fit across teams to reduce staff turnover (which costs UK businesses more than £4 billion a year, according to research conducted in 2016 and published by HR Review) and improve team performance. The company offers its clients tools that help them hire the right people and solve various people problems.

“We Love Work has a strong focus on culture and inclusion,” Petgrave adds.

“There is often a disparity between the aspirational culture communicated by senior leadership or HR and desk culture which is what actually experienced by employees within the organisation.

“We are very passionate about making the workplace a better and more inclusive place to be, and culture plays a big part it that. Many of our clients approach us with issues around diversity and culture and I always say to them the issues go hand in hand. You cannot have a diverse workforce without a culture of inclusion.”

Using analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, We Love Work hope to eliminate unconscious bias from the screening process. Their matching algorithm shortlists candidates who are most compatible with the culture, removing the biases that come with the existing methods of screening for fit.

"Fit is not about hiring people who are like you but about hiring people whose personal values align with the values, mission and vision of the company.”

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