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'Fury will be too good for Joshua'

RIVALS: Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua (right)

TYSON FURY has too much for Anthony Joshua according to Fury’s new trainer, Ben Davison. Davison told ESPN in an interview that he believes his new charge will have all the answers should the two Britons meet this year.

When asked on why he thinks Fury beats Joshua, Davison said: "Tyson Fury has too much skill and too much altogether for Anthony Joshua. I've worked with other heavyweights and although I'm young, I've worked at a high level in boxing for a long time.

"Anyone who comes in against Fury and thinks they can make it a certain type of fight, they'll find they're mistaken. He's just got too much. Joshua is a big man. He's got height, weight, can punch and can box a bit. He's a dangerous man and a threat. He showed he's got heart but whatever he comes and throws at Tyson, Tyson will have an answer for."

On Fury’s famed power his trainer added: "One thing that's underrated about Tyson is his power.

"His style in certain fights has been to box, minimise risks by not holding his feet and not drive through the shots but if he needs to and hits any heavyweight on the chin flush, he'll knock them clean out.”

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