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Gang members’ parents threatened with eviction

EVICTION: Photo credit PA

AS THE rate of London’s youth violence continues to soar, Superintendent Nick Davies of London central north has called for the mothers of gang members to be evicted from their homes.

The proposal he says, “seems to be a particularly effective strategy in changing the behavior of members.” This comes as a bid to deter gangs from committing crimes in the capital.

The suggestion would target many of the gang members aged between 15 and 25, who live with their parents or often single mothers. It is believed that families, who are faced with loosing their homes, are more likely to discourage their children from drug dealing and knife crime.

Commander Davies, overseas areas such as Islington where the new “Integrated Gangs Strategy” has been introduced. The borough is trailing the programme alongside psychologists, police, probations officers and other authorities to share intelligence on the work of gangs.

The method identities young people who may be at risk of violence and crime so that they can be offered counseling and job opportunities to steer them in the right direction.

However, Islington councilor Joe Calouri has said that he would consider anything to stop senseless killings. “Evicting a family because of the actions of one member is an extreme response but if parents have been given the chance to work with the council and police to reduce the offending and do not engage, it makes it difficult to see other pathways,” he said.

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