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Gangs to be treated like terror suspects by police

VIOLENT CRIME: The police plan to use the new measures to tackle violent crime

GANG MEMBERS will be treated like terror suspects under new proposals.

The police plan to use the new measures to target suspects who produce YouTube videos to incite serious violence.

In an interview with The Times, Commander Jim Stokley, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Trident unit, said: “There isn’t specific legislation, and clearly we can’t use terrorism legislation [but] in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), we have found some existing legislation which we are going to use.”

Stokley said under the new laws, officers would no longer need to prove a direct link between specific violent acts and particular videos and social media posts.

The measures will be similar to terrorism laws as under the Terrorism Act, a suspect can be charged and convicted of inciting an act of terrorism, even if the incitement is not linked to a specific act of terror.

YouTube has taken down more than 30 music videos following requests from the Met, it was announced this week.

The videos were deemed by the Met to be linked to gang violence.

Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick has highlighted Drill music, a type of rap music that details extremely violent acts, as

“Drill music is associated with lyrics which are about glamourising serious violence: murder, stabbings,” she said.

“They describe the stabbings in great detail, joy and excitement. Extreme violence against women is often talked about.

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