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Gareth Southgate praises Raheem Sterling for speaking out

SUPPORT: Raheem Sterling with England manager Gareth Southgate

GARETH SOUTHGATE has praised Raheem Sterling for his courage in speaking out about racism.

After the Manchester City player was abused during a game against Chelsea earlier this month, he highlighted the different treatment black and white footballers receive by some of the tabloid press.

He said their negative coverage of innocent black players helped fuel racism and aggressive behaviour.

“For all the newspapers that don’t understand why people are racist in this day and age all I have to say is have a second thought about fair publicity [and] give all players an equal chance,” he wrote on Instagram.

The England manager told Sky Sports News: "It's easier for me to talk about what I feel about what Raheem's done and how brave he's been in speaking up.

"We've seen incidents of racism in the last few months that have always been unacceptable, remain unacceptable and will be unacceptable if they happen in the future. We have to hope they don't.”

He added: "Football is a mirror of society and unfortunately racism exists in society and so there are times when people use the opportunity at a football ground to fuel that.

"We have to stand strong as a game to make sure that does not happen.

Southgate has previously publicly supported Sterling when he came under fire for his gun tattoo.

When asked about the player’s ink and the controversy surrounding it, Southgate said: “He knows he's got our support, he understands how some people have perceived the tattoo. But in my view a tattoo is like any work of art. It's a very individual meaning, the intent is all with the individual and the person.”

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