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Garnier UK blasted for white-washed Women's Day campaign

CONCERN: Consummate womanhood?

SCORES OF online users have hurled criticism at Garnier UK following an ill-fated International Women's Day campaign launched yesterday.

Led by a tweeted photo of popular Caucasian media personalities such as Fearne Cotton, Davina McCall and Holly Willoughby, the campaign was accompanied by the caption "we are strong, we are ambitious, we are awesome (and into double denim!), we are women. #WeAreGarnier #InternationalWomensDay".

The offence seemed to be that no ethnic minority models were featured. In view of a diverse modern society, this has caused many to voice frustration about what is viewed as an archaic and divisive marketing approach.

One user @IrvingFlashman reacted "three cheers for diversity, guys" whilst @SondisaHerself posted: "I guess black women aren't awesome & ambitious for Garnier. *shrugs*".

Users such as @Hopkins_Alison expressed: "no hijabis, no non whites, no disabled, no older, and all size 10? No thanks, this isn't REAL women. This is fake marketing. :(".

Garnier UK has offered the following response:

"These brilliant women have been chosen to represent Garnier based on their values - who they are, what they believe in, not what they look like. That said, we do really appreciate all feedback and take it on board. Stay tuned. Love, Garnier".

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