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Gear up for autumn with our list of must-have tech

HELP AT HAND: It can be a chore to exercise sometimes, but with trackers, comfy footwear and headphones in tow you might find that fitness can be even more fun than ever before

Miiego Boom, RRP £149,
These wireless headphones definitely tick a lot of boxes when it comes to style and functionality.

The highlight of these headphones from the Danish specialists is the freedom of choice you have whether to use them to relax or be active.

This is accomplished by the Boom’s interchangeable ear cushions where you decide between a soft PU leather set or a breathable, washable mesh-fabric set. Offering up to 22 hours of music time with only two hours of charge time, the Boom by Miiego is a great choice to fit both casual and active lifestyles.

We like the fact that you are ultimately getting two headphones for the price of one.

Hoka Clifton 5, RRP £115,
The award-winning Clifton range from Hoka is back with a fifth edition and it is definitely a worthy successor.

We tested these shoes in the picturesque Chiltern Hills and were impressed by how light, cushy and adaptive they were. They have a breathable and comfortable engineered mesh upper with a midsole foam package.

This allows for consistent cushioning throughout the shoe, giving you a smooth ride. Overall, the Clifton 5 are a great allround shoe giving you enough comfort while remaining light enough to help you go faster.

Ion8 Water Bottle, RRP £14.99, Hydration is a key component to any training or regimen and the good team at Ion8 have come up with a bottle that is 100 per cent leak proof, and available in many snazzy colours.

The bottle flips open at the touch of a button, while adding an extra lid lock to prevent any spillage.

The bottle is made from Tritan – which is a durable, safe and clear plastic – making it free of odour, BPA-free and suitable for both cold or hot drinks. Perfect and safe for the whole family to use.

Reima Go, RRP £30,
With the emphasis on how to get children to be more active, Reima has created the Go sensor which tracks the movement of your child.

Naturally, this wearable tech for kids is not only durable and waterproof, it tracks the duration and physical activity of your little one through specifically designed app.

The app adds a gaming element to fitness, allowing your child to collect energy points through activity with a playful scoreboard where parents can give rewards for effort made.

The device itself is small and fits into the pocket making it less intrusive. Unlike other fitness trackers, Reima Go isn’t into monitoring heart rate or calories, just encouraging an active lifestyle.

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition, RRP £149.99,
The previous Fitbit Charge was a personal favourite of ours with its sleek design jampacked with all the goods we wanted to see in a fitness tracker.

With the Charge 3, Fitbit claims to have made an even better product with the addition of a premium swimproof design and a more advanced health and fitness feature.

Other notable improvements include a screen 40 per cent larger than the Charge 2, an aerospace-grade aluminium case and an innovative inductive button.

The Charge 3 will also give you up to seven days’ battery life and the addition of Sp02 sensor to measure disturbances in your sleep that might point to health issues. Now that’s pretty smart.

Samsung QLED 8K TV, RRP £4,999 (65in),
You’ve had a really tough but rewarding training session and you’re headed home to park on your favourite chair, staring at the amazing picture quality from your favourite show – now on your Samsung QLED 8K TV.

With the highest resolution in the land, Samsung have implemented artificial intelligence technology which optimises content for 8K, a staggering 7,680 × 4230 pixels.

This means you’ll be viewing your shows with lifelike detailed images and sound just the way it was intentionally made.

These new TVs come in 65, 75 and 85 inch models, which is just the right screen size to enhance your viewing experience.

The only point we would recommend is to make sure you have enough space left for the rest of your furniture.

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