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Get fit in the comfort of your own home

LEAN MACHINES: LadyXSize and Joe Wicks at the Be:Fit event

WHAT DO you think is the most common reason why people claim they are unable to exercise? Whatever springs to your mind right now, is possibly the reason you aren’t exercising. Usually I hear: - I haven’t got time, I am too lazy, I hate the gym blah blah blah!!

We all know the benefits of exercise and there really isn’t in this day and age a possibility to claim otherwise, so how can people allow themselves to slip into being overweight or even obese? It’s a question I often find myself asking. Now, I totally get that injury and illness can play a part and that sometimes life throws curve balls which can leave us spiralling out of control. But, once we have regained our composure, is there really any excuse to letting ourselves go?

The world of fitness has been changing for sometime and exercise is now so accessible. If you hate going to the gym or find yourself “too busy” or embarrassed, have you ever tried Virtual Fitness? Now by this, I mean the kind of fitness you can do at the touch of a button and at a time and a place that suits you.

I first came across it, when I was invited to create a series of fitness workout videos for (Ex Towie) Lucy Mecklenburg’s site, Results with Lucy. She apparently stumbled across this lucrative opportunity when posting her fitness tips to her many followers. This is now one of the biggest online fitness sites in the UK.

So, if you are looking to add exercise into your day or improve on your current regime, but don’t fancy the rigmarole that comes with leaving your house, here are some top tips and great sites that offer virtual fitness.

1. Find a site that you feel has what you are looking for. By that, I mean, if you hate being told what to do, but are looking for a variety of exercises, then choose a sight like Now this site offers a library of over a thousand demonstrations of different moves and only few fitness workouts.

FITNESS FRIENDS: Joe Wicks and LadyXSize

There are various package levels, so you don’t have to go in all guns blazing. Also, the beauty of virtual fitness, is that in most instances, if you don’t like it, you can get your money back or cancel further subscription payments without penalty, unlike many gyms.

2. Decide whether it’s just fitness you are looking for or a combined approach with meal plans as well. Many experts claim that although exercise plays a crucial role, losing weight is actually over 70% diet. However, bear in mind that when you improve muscle tone, you improve your ability to burn fat. If you decide on a programme that combines meal planning, make sure the nutritionist the site has used is endorsed by a reputable body like the AfN (Association for Nutrition).

3. Choose a site with a Trainer you respect. Do your research. It’s so easy to find out things online. See if you can find any positive or negative feedback on your chosen site or trainer. Joe Wicks who I got the pleasure of working with a few weeks ago at Be:Fit, is all the rage at the moment and for good reason.

He is well qualified and his “Lean in 15” workouts and quick meals have had great feedback and client testimonials. You can get all his products virtually, including recipes, books and DVD’s.

So, in this technological era, there really isn’t any excuse for not being able to find an exercise plan that works for you. The Virtual Fitness revolution is upon us, all you need is a good wifi connection.

Remember your body is your vehicle, look after it and it is less likely to break down!!


Why not give one of my virtual fitness workouts and meal plans a go and take advantage of my special offer. As we are moving towards the summer months, why not try my Summer Body online 13-week workout package. Go to, use code LADYXSIZE-VSB and get the workout package for just £29, normally £59.

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