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Get to know Levile creator, Olaitan Olaoye

FOUNDER: Olaitan Olaoye

LEVILE.CO.UK is known as an actor’s haven. From their personalised monologues to update to date TV and film news, the online platform serves as a key place to get your news, TV and entertainment fix from the best of the best in the BAME entertainment industry.

With the upcoming premiere the short concept film ‘Allure’ and the launch of Levile TV on their YouTube channel, we spoke to the man behind the brand about how it all started.

L&S: What inspired you to create Levile?

Olaitan: It all began after a phone call with my friend who was asking for advice on how to get into acting. After an hour-long conversation explaining the process, I thought to myself ‘why doesn’t a platform exist for actors/filmmakers in the same way it does for musicians?’ We see amazing platforms like SB:TV, GRM Daily and LinkUp TV but nothing like that for actors. So I created Levile as a TV and film related version of those platforms.

L&S: Is creativity something that was encouraged in your family?

Olaitan: Not really. I grew up in a traditional Nigerian household where academia was the priority. I was encouraged at a young age to study hard, go to university and get a degree– which I did, in Business and Marketing (hons). Then I work at a big company in the city, but I believe that I was more creatively inclined and business savvy from a young age.

L&S: I read on the website that Levile describes itself as the “voice of the creatives.” What is your definition of a creative and how do you represent them?

Olaitan: My definition of creative is being the best version of yourself while expressive your talent through any medium unapologetically. We live in an age where the internet plays a huge role in talent being able to communicate to like minded people through acting, music, art, poetry – you name it.

In terms of representing creatives, we support them through our social media platforms. We launched ‘LEVILE TV’ on June 11 via our YouTube channel and this is a good example, as creatives within the film industry can share their trailers, films, skits, and monologue’s.

L&S: Levile monologues is a really great aspect to your brand. How did you come up with the idea, and are you developing other specialised video content for

Olaitan: The idea was born from watching actors self tapes and I was thinking that actors put in so much work that some should be seen because they’re so dope. I did some research and thought about the best ways to brand the monologue’s and we’ve come a long way from where we started and now have our own unique style in which with film our Levile Monologue’s. We also have a bunch of ideas and quite a few are in the works already.

L&S: Competition is fierce when it comes to online publishing, and we’ve seen a growth of websites specifically focusing on diversity across different areas (Black Ballad/Media Diversfied etc). How do you stay ahead of the crowd and remain innovative?

Olaitan: I believe we remain ahead of the crowd by coming up with original content. We started the Levile monologue series and have begun to see other platforms do similar things that lets us know that we’re doing something right.

We also remain innovative by constantly researching and staying close to our audience by regularly engaging with them and asking them questions. It’s important to know why we do what we do and have creatives at the forefront of our platform.

L&S: What would you like people to take away from the Levile brand?

Olaitan: Positivity, support, quality content and being the voice of the creatives within the TV and film community. Our tagline is ‘The home of all things TV & film’ and I genuinely believe we are on a path to being just that with our community.

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