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Gina Miller launches fresh action to end Brexit chaos

CHAOS: Gina Miller has launched a new campaign to bring clarity to the issue of Brexit

BUSINESSWOMAN AND transparency campaigner Gina Miller has launched a programme of national Brexit-focused action this morning in Dover – 196 days before the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

Miller’s latest campaign, end the chaos! aims to inform the British public about the realities of Brexit and do what Miller claims the government is failing to.

“Our politicians are failing to provide clarity or promote understanding. Clarity and understanding is what end the chaos! will seek to provide,” she said.

A series of events are planned to promote the platform, which consists of a website The cross-country programme will aim to elevate the voices and concerns of everyday people over the next 10 weeks.

The first event, although still in the planning stage, is set to take place at the Northern Ireland border – an unsolved Brexit problem.

The mother of three who has faced considerable abuse since she became a public figure as the lead campaigner of the case against the government over the triggering of Article 50, told The Voice that she anticipates a new wave of threats.

She said: “This campaign will increase the hatred towards me, I know that. But the fact is I’m a very strong person and I can deal with that. But what I need to do and I feel I need to do is amplify the concerns of other people.

“I am a fighter and those voices of bullies, and racism and misogyny which are now coming front and centre in politics and in wider society, I simply cannot let them get away with it.”

In Dover Town Hall at least, there was support for Miller. Anti-Brexit campaigners from Dover and beyond loudly cheered her and thanked her for the action she has taken so far.

Despite the way she has been targeted, Miller is still motivated to push forward.

She said she could not “go to bed at night” knowing what she does about Brexit without taking action and has poured her own money and time into the project to get it off the ground.

A grandmother on the “People’s Panel” who voted leave but now regrets her decision told Dover Town Hall that she felt she had detrimentally affected the futures of her loved ones.

“I feel I’ve let my family down and I have let the future generations down,” Frances Bevan, a retired nurse from Merthyr Valley said.

Bevan said she was unaware of the true consequences of leaving the EU, something which Miller’s research has led her to believe is the case for many others. She said so far the range of questions posed by the public to the end the chaos! platform include: “What is Brexit? What is the EU? What is a border? And what is sovereignty?”

In order to tackle the lack of information, Miller said she’s reclaiming experts and will use them to verify, contribute to a resource of simple, digestible and will enable people to make their own decisions.

With so much uncertainty still surrounding the process and it’s outcomes, Miller told supporters that part of the campaign will be to “push for reports to be published in the public domain”.


Miller’s campaign video, filmed when she travelled around the UK speaking to ordinary people about how they felt about Brexit was premiered at the event.

Aside from Miller herself, neither the video or the panels of expert and ordinary people with an interest in Brexit, featured people from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds.

Miller said that although she had spoken to BAME people during her travels, they were reluctant to go on camera.

She cited the threat of racist reaction, something she has personal experience of, as a reason for their hesitation to share their views, but urged them to do so.

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