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GoFundMe launched to send Mrs Gayle on holiday

PICTURED: Delise Gayle (right) and her daughter Carol (left) (Photo credit: ITV)

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched, following the shocking video of 77-year-old Delise Gayle being racially abused on a Ryanair flight.

Ms. Gayle was onboard a flight to Barcelona with her daughter last Friday, where she was sat next to a man who preceded to verbally insult her because she was unable to move quick enough for him to access his window seat.

The video clip, which has amassed millions of views, has faced intense criticism for Ryanair and the way they handled the incident, with many calling for a boycott of the airline and for the man to be charged for hate crime.

The incident has left Mrs. Gayle "unable to sleep and eat" and campaigner Patrick Vernon is aiming to send her on a luxury holiday to Florida to give her a much-needed break.

The GoFundMe page reads: "Mrs Delsie Gayle who is 77 years old who was born in Jamaica came to Britain as part of the Windrush Generation who was invited to rebuild after WW2.

"She worked for over 25 years as care assistant for local authority nursing home. Her contribution like many others working for the NHS and other jobs and professions made a difference to our country. Thus her treatment by a racist passenger is a slap in the face which was made worse by Ryanair who have refused to condone or take any action against passenger.

"The airline company have not had the courtesy or respect to apologise make or compensation regarding the hurt and emotional trauma that Mrs Gayle is facing."

The page adds that Ms.Gayle's story is an example of "every day racism as well as an extension of the hostile environment."

"This is the treatment and trauma that many of the victims of the Windrush Scandal have experienced either a lack of humanity and respect from the Home Office.

Please support this campaign so we can raise money so Carol her daughter can take Mrs Gayle to Florida for a well-earned holiday so she can recover from this treatment and her rebuild her life after the death of her husband over 12 months ago. No elder irrespective of race, faith or ethnicity should experience what Mrs Gayle had to endure on the Ryanair flight.:

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