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Gooners got Gunners in war with Adebayor

TARGET OF ABUSE: Spurs player Emmanuel Adebayor

OI, YOU Gooners ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you abused my namesake during the recent north London derby.

To emulate the rat-a-tat-tat of the gunfire that nearly cost Adebayor his life and which killed his team mate and a bus driver at last year's World Cup was disgraceful. Gooners by any other name are the same old Gunners.

Especially you Arsenal bruvvas and sistas who, against your better judgement, join in this incitement to gun crime in the black community.

And all because a poor little African boy had the temerity to go and ask for a little bit more crust with his gruel.

That of course was when Emmanuel was an Arsenal player. Having taken the devil's shilling and become a Manchester City footballer, Adebayor was possessed by a demon to gallop like a race horse from one end of the pitch to the other after scoring against his old club, to taunt the Arsenal fans. They apparently responded with the unfriendly fire of anything they had in their hands - coins, mobile phones, packets of condoms and... bananas!

An unfortunate choice of half-time snack. They shoulda gone for the Pukka pies.

When I pointed this out to a Gooner mate of mine, one of the highest-ranked black men in the judicial system, he assured me in no uncertain terms that had he been there at the City of Manchester Stadium that time, he would have been the first one to have chucked Adebayor a banana.

Let's give Arsenal's legions of black fans the benefit of the doubt on the banana and accept that they meant it in a phallic rather than racist sense. Let's accept also that they'll look back in anger at one of their former players who signs up to the ancient emnity with the Spurs. But suggesting that my man should have died in that deadly ambush in southern Africa last year is a declaration of war not just on Adebayor and Adebayos/Adebayors, but on the whole of the Togolese people in their year and a bit of mourning. You want to read some of what they're saying about it in the Togolese press. Put it this way, Gooners-that's the one country in Africa I would advise you NOT Togo.

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