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NEWS: Updates from the Gospel world

LEADING CHRISTIAN creative Lauren Evans will be teaching about the craft of songwriting at a special event in Hackney this week.

The event is being organised by the company who run the UK Christian Chart, aStepFwd, and will be held at Premises Studios in Hackney from 7pm-9pm on April 16.

Platinum-selling singer- songwriter Evans, who is based in Los Angeles, has written well-known Christian songs, as well as songs for Alexandra Burke and Kelly Rowland.

During the masterclass Lauren will be covering the elements of a ‘hit’ song, how to overcome writer’s block and where to find inspiration plus more.

Meanwhile, the debut gospel album of rap star Snoop Dogg has hit the number one spot of the US gospel charts.

This 32-track double album Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love features some of America’s leading artists.

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