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Grabban chances: Striker Lewis on Reggae Girlz and more

POSITIVE: Lewis Grabban taking a penalty at the City Ground

AHEAD OF THE historic match, Nottingham Forest’s English-Jamaican striker Lewis Grabban spoke to the Voice of Sport’s Crystal Davis about the Reggae Girlz and their recent achievement, life at Forest and the possibility of an international call-up...

Crystal Davis: What are your thoughts on the Reggae Girlz qualifying for their first ever World Cup?

Lewis Grabban: I think it is good — it’s a good achievement for the ladies after the Jamaican men were not able to do it.

Hopefully it can inspire the next generation of girls coming through to do similar things and be successful in the sport.

CD: The city of Nottingham has one of the largest Jamaican diaspora communities, are you expecting a huge turnout when Reggae Girlz come to town?

LG: I am hoping so! It would be nice if people came out, not only the Jamaican community but people around Nottingham in general that follow the football club and want to show their support to something a bit different that they might not see every week, so yeah it would be good if there is a nice turnout.

CD: With the community and Forest fans in mind, on their arrival, what atmosphere can the Reggae Girlz expect?

LG: They can expect a positive atmosphere, they will be well received and hopefully whoever does turn up gets well behind them and supports them, along with obviously the Nottingham Forest Ladies as well.

CD: It has been over four years since you were called up to represent the Reggae Boyz, why is that?

LG: Initially I had problems with a passport situation and then that kind of dragged on.

That is why I missed the last campaign for that World Cup series.

It has always been passport stuff, unfortunately it just never came into fruition.

CD: If called up on by Jamaica manager Theodore Whitmore, would you accept a call-up?

LG: Yeah! Last time I accepted it, it was just difficult in that time, so I have always been positive about international football.

Obviously a lot has changed since then, I am four years older, in the Championship there are a lot of games, but it is something that I would definitely think about.

CD: Can you score 20 goals for Forest this term?

LG: I’ll certainly try. The aim is to score as much as possible.

Obviously I am still disappointed with the [1-2] Norwich City result on October 20.

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