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Grenfell fraudster jailed for five and and a half years

PICTURED: Jenny McDonagh

A KENSINGTON and Chelsea council worker who admitted to splurging £62,000 of Grenfell Tower fire money has been jailed for five and a half years.

Jenny McDonagh withdrew the funds over a 10-month period and spent the money on luxurious holidays to Dubai and Los Angeles, meals at expensive restaurants and online gambling.

As the finance manager, McDonagh was responsible for the Grenfell Tower fund. The money was meant to be used to support victims of the blaze and their families.

McDonagh, neither a survivor or bereaved family member, stole the funds using pre-paid credit cards.

In August, she pleaded guilty fraud and was released on bail.

"The effect on those who died, their families and friends, cannot be imagined by those who were not directly affected.

"Members of the public, indeed the nation, were shocked by this dreadful event. The fact that you, a person who had been given the task of assisting in the aftermath, sought to enrich yourself, is the more shocking in the light of the outpouring of grief and sympathy that followed the disaster,” the Evening Standard reported judge Robin Johnson said.

Her crimes were described by the judge as “utterly repugnant”.

During her appearance at Isleworth crown court yesterday, the 39-year-old also admitted to a defrauding her previous employers, Medway NHS Foundation Trust, of £35,000.

In a statement released at the time of McDonagh’s conviction last month, Kensington and Chelsea council said: “This is both shocking and unforgivable.

"We discovered the fraud and took action straight away, including strengthening our internal processes. We apologise to the survivors and families for any distress this may cause."

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