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Grenfell Tower blaze inquiry begins

GRENFELL: Families lead tributes to victims

THE INQUIRY into the Grenfell Tower fire has begun at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, South Kensington today.

Following opening statements from the inquiry’s chairman, retired appeal court judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick and the lead counsel top the inquiry Richard Millett, tributes will be given by families affected by the fire.

Each family that lost relatives in the blaze will be given the opportunity to make a statement to the public inquiry.

These commemoration hearings will last for approximately two weeks. There will be no limit on how long each person can speak for.

Following tributes from bereaved families, the inquiry will look into the fire and how the emergency services responded to it.

The second stage of the inquiry will examine the circumstances that may have played a part in the lead up to tragedy, such as decisions in relation to the refurbishment of the tower.

A total of 72 victims died as a result of the fire that took place on June 14 2017. One victim, Maria Del Pilar Burton, died in January after being hospitalised since she was rescued from the fire.

Logan Gomes was stillborn in hospital on June 14 2017 following his mother’s escape from the blaze.

His father, Marcio, began the tributes to victims. Gomes delivered an emotional speech at the start of the proceedings.

The Grenfell inquiry is being live streamed on YouTube. You can watch the proceedings here.

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