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Grenfell tragedy strikes controversy during Bradford Debate

PICTURED: The Great Debate Tour

WEDNESDAY 11 October, accommodated by the University of Bradford, saw the second week of the Great Debate Tour.

The panellists consisted of Ola the Comedian, COO of 2020Change Duro Oye, The Black Narrative Founder Keziah Doudy and University Student Demi Daniel. The Great Debate Tour is the largest UK debate forum which targets black, minority and ethnic students in UK universities.

Ola the Comedian commented: “I think people who get upset about Black History Month are either making the point of wanting to live in an ideal world or they’re just angry because they don’t want to look at why we need a black history month.”

Thursday 12 October hosted by the University of Brighton (in partnership with Sussex University), saw last week’s second Great Debate Tour. The panellists included Viral Parikh, Ebunlomo Azeez & Adjani Salmon.

After the debate, discussions continued into the evening with attendees participating in networking opportunities with the panellists.

Adjani Salmon said: “Big Up to all the ACS students and others from Sussex University & Brighton University for coming out to Elevation Network’s Great Debate Tour.”

Student attendee, Nathalie, tweeted: “Thank you so much to the team at Great Debate Tour for the stimulating and educational evening held in Brighton tonight. GDT 2017.”

The Great Debate Tour covers 15 dates at Universities across the country, running throughout Black History Month. For more information about the Great Debate Tour please visit:

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