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Gucci embraces inclusivity in new short film

INCLUSIVE: Gucci's new short film features an all-black cast

AN ALL-BLACK cast has starred in a short film for luxury fashion brand Gucci.

Creative artist Sheree Dubois was among those in the Soul Train-style film Second Summer of Love: Detroit and Berlin Techno, a collaboration between Gucci and Frieze.

She told The Voice she was shocked to discover that she’d made the cut and later found out that the directors practically fought for her to appear in the lm for the brand, which does not as yet make clothes for plus-sized women.

Dubois said: “It was amazing that they made a character for me.”

She said the models and dancers who took part were not explicitly told that the project, which was shown at Frieze Art Fair (October 4-7), would be exclusively black but that all was revealed when they came on set.

“It was so empowering. We were just so excited,” she said.

For Dubois the inclusion had an added significance. “In my experience, I got told ‘no’ a lot because of my size, despite being very talented. I used to be told ‘no’ all the time whereas now it seems there’s starting to be a lot more movement and opportunity for people like myself.”

Watch Second Summer of Love: Detroit and Berlin Techno below:

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