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Hacking Scandal: Your View

ONGOING: The hacking scandal continues despite the closure of the News of the World

A RECENT YouGov study reveals four out of five Britons no longer trust the media and believe the tabloid press is out of control in the wake of allegations of phone hacking by journalists linked to the now closed News of the World and other media publications, as well as alleged payments to police and illegal access to private medical and financial information.

The Voice asked readers how they felt about scandal.

Judith, 43, cadet nurse

It’s a terrible thing. I don’t think the people responsible for it are being punished…. I think the public enquiry is a waste of money because I just feel there is corruption there. I feel they have known about it but because the public know they have to look like they are doing something.

Abel, 50, lawyer

The press take themselves to be like God. They feel they are untouchable. They have been doing it and getting away with it for a long time. I’d like to see these people exposed and punished because what they did was unspeakable…despicable.

Josie, 43, shop assistant

It’s disgusting what happened. How could they just invade people’s private lives? Even if you are trying to boost sales of the newspaper, it shouldn’t have happened. They went too far.

Monica, 61, carer

People have a right to privacy. They should respect people’s privacy. I would like to the government to enforce the law and make it really strict so they cannot do this and when they do it, they should go to prison.

Laura, 41, full time mother

It was a disgrace…I want to see journalists tell the truth (and) unless you are investigating criminals as a police officer, I don’t see why you should be doing that. At the end of the day, it’s our privacy. For all you know, my phone could be hacked.

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