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Hackney Council to further develop social enterprise sector

PROGRESS: Group snapshot after consultation. (Photo credit: Gary Manhine)

ON WEDNESDAY (21 February), representatives from Hackney’s social enterprise sector were invited to meet the Mayor Philip Glanville, to present the results of a consultation to create a Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney.
This consultation was led by Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC on behalf of Hackney’s Social Enterprise Partnership (Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC, Bootstrap, Company, Hackney CVS, Hackney Roots, Hackney Council, Shoreditch Trust and UBS, UnLtd and Urban MBA).

The entities gathered ideas from over 250 social enterprises for how Hackney Council, with support from the sector can work together to further recognise the existing role social enterprise plays in the borough.

The consultation results highlight three strategic aims for the sector locally: to promote awareness & understanding of social enterprise, build capacity and reach within the social enterprise sector and to provide a platform of resources and support for social enterprises.
Suggestions for Hackney Council include innovative approaches to areas such as planning, procurement and communications.
Edward Quigley, CEO of Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC, said:

“This is an exciting day for the social enterprise movement in Hackney with Hackney Council really demonstrating their understanding of how much the social enterprise sector can contribute to the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Borough.

“We are grateful to all the social enterprises who contributed to the consultation and are pleased to be working with the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership to push this agenda forward.” 

The Mayor, who has supported the consultation since it was launched at the Social Enterprise in the City conference at Hackney House in November 2017, has welcomed the suggestions and the efforts of the sector in undertaking this piece of work.

Senior council officers have since announced their plan to work collaboratively, as part of Hackney’s Social Enterprise Partnership, to run a series of workshops to use the ideas generated from the consultation to create a realistic and actionable action plan that the Council and social enterprise sector can co-publish later this year.
He said: “I’m very pleased to see the results of this manifesto consultation with the social enterprise sector and the significant steps taken to get here today. In light of recent budget announcements, it is more important than ever that every penny spent by the council achieves maximum social value for residents. By supporting the growth of this sector we hope to use more of their passion, innovation, and expertise, to see more jobs for local people and the development of a more caring society.

“Through our role in Hackney’s Social Enterprise Partnership, Hackney Council commits to work with the sector to ensure the best of social enterprise thinking is embedded throughout council policy and the everyday life of the borough.”
This level of in-depth partnership work puts Hackney at the forefront of innovative local social enterprise development and follows best practice guidance from Social Enterprise UK who awarded London Borough of Hackney recognition as an official Social Enterprise Borough in 2017.

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