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Hackney pub to craft Diane Abbott mojito inspired beer

INFLUENCER: Diane Abbott

A HACKNEY-based pub will be brewing a “mojito beer” dedicated to Diane Abbott after she was pictured drinking a Marks and Spencer mojito onboard the London Overground.

The Cock Tavern are crafting the beer in support of the MP after many criticised her for drinking on the TfL service, despite their no drinking ban.

According to the Hackney Gazette the Mare Street pub will be making about 500 pints of mint and brown sugar-infused beers.

Landlord Christian Campbell told the Gazette: “There seems to be this big story and I think for me and a lot of the regulars it's a bit surprising to see the Daily Mail and others do this because it's so popular.

“You see 'man of the people' politicians like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Tony Blair pictured with a pint and it seems people like that image.

“Most of us have done it and it's something we can relate to. And now M&S has sold out we thought we'd do our own.”

The pub, announced plans to invite Abbott down to try the Solidarity Mojito Pale once it is ready.

“Diane came and said hello a few years ago when she was doing a tour of local breweries. She's a local person who is liked by us and our customers.”

The beer is expected to last about a week.


Since Abbott was pictured drinking the beverage, sales have spiked with many of the mojito cans selling out in shops.

And despite the criticism, many have also showed their support for the Hackney MP - see the responses below:

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