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AU NATURAL: Afua Williams

INSPIRED TO create her hair care business after she had the ‘Big Chop’ Afua Williams started Natural Barnet to help other women transition from creamy crack to embracing their natural hair texture.

Offering tips and advice through the companies social network platforms Williams told Life and Style that she had no idea a fruitful business woud spwan from her own personal journey but she’s glad it did.

L&S: What was the main motivation for Natural Barnet?

I needed help to know what products, techniques and styles worked for my hair but I soon discovered there was either a lot of misinformation out there or I would need to go to different websites to get what I needed.

L&S: How do you intend to grab a decent foothold in the marketplace?

Honestly, I don't see my business as acquiring a marketplace. The reason I started has not changed - to help educate women of all ages about how to look after their hair.

L&S: Talk about the hair care channel you have on YouTube?
Our YouTube page is still in its' baby stages, however we are steadily building up a community on Instagram where the core base of our audience currently is. Our focus has been educating women on hair care with tips, advice, tutorials and examples of healthy hair - long or short.

Women regularly send messages asking questions on this topic and we always happily help steer them in the right direction.
L&S: Give me a generic top three tips I might not have known about where natural hair care is concerned?

1. Oil is not a moisturiser. If you put oil on dry hair, you'll just be sealing in dryness.
2. Natural hair is the weakest of all hair types so limit heat (eg. blowdryers, presses, curling tongs etc) to once a year.
3. Detangling your hair should only be done on wet hair with oil/conditioner or both. Never on dry!

L&S: Talk about the products you use, what’s the USP?

Natural is key! After trial and error, I've come to know what my hair likes. Ranges I love are Cantu, TGIN, Aunt Jackie's, Creme of Nature and Okhora Naturals. I like to switch it up now and again. I also make my own Shea Butter moisturiser too. I use the same products for my two-year old daughter and her hair is thriving too.

L&S: Would you consider opening a flagship store one day ... What would need to happen for you to embrace that option?

No, not in the forseeable future. Although there is a need for women to go to a shop not just for hair products but also receive needed advice, there is also a culture of complaining yet accepting what is currently available within the black community. We settle for Asian owned shops with men who speak in their language and pace the aisles checking you're not stealing, no hair advice is ever given and you're not made to feel appreciated for spending your hard earned money.

L&S: Any final word about your business?

I had no idea cutting my hair four years ago and feeling helpless would lead to Natural Barnet. Learning more about my natural hair has changed me as a person on so many levels. If we've got you to understand and appreciate the amazing superpower that is your natural hair, we have done our job. 

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