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Haiti Prime Minister resigns

RESIGNED: Jack Guy Lafontant

HAITI'S PRIME Minister Jack Guy Lafontant has resigned following violent protests that had been sparked by a proposed plan to raise fuel prices.

His decision was announced on Saturday (Jul 14) by President Jovenel Moïse who accepted the resignation.

Mr Moïse took to twitter, saying: “I take this opportunity to thank Mr Lafontant and the members of the Cabinet for the services rendered to the nation."

Lafontant, who took office in early 2017, had been under pressure to resign following the initial announcement that the cost of gasoline would be going up by 38 per cent, diesel by 47 per cent and kerosene by 51 per cent to help balance the budget, as part of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

During the July 6 to 8 protests, at least two people were killed.

Even though the Prime Minister subsequently announced the price hikes would be suspended, the demonstrations continued, as did the calls for him to resign.

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