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Happy Independence Day Dominica!


ON 3 November 1978, the Commonwealth of Dominica was granted independence becoming a republic, and celebrates 39 years of independence day today.

In celebration, we've rundown some interesting and little known facts about the island below:

1. Dominica has the largest remaining tribe of Carib Indians, also called Kalinago people, in the Caribbean.

2. Eugenia Charles was Dominica’s first and only female prime minister, she later became known as the “Iron Lady of the Caribbean”

Eugenia Charles

3. Dominica is part of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean, lying between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

5. Dominica is blessed with 365 rivers, and lush oceanic rainforest hides dozens of waterfalls

6. The highest mountain peak on Dominica, at 1,447 meters (4,747 feet), is Morne Diablotins, which is also the second highest mountain in the Lesser Antilles

Morne Diablotins

7. Dominica is often known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to its spectacular, lush, and varied flora and fauna, which are protected by an extensive natural park system

8. Bananas and other agriculture dominate Dominica’s economy, and nearly one-third of the labour force works in agriculture

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

9. Much of the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, was shot on location on Dominica

10. Dominica was the last island to be formed in the Caribbean

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